Interior look of the new headquarters of MOL revealed

  • Unique solutions will yield extraordinary office spaces that give co-working a new meaning.
  • Huge glass surfaces will allow 90% of all workspaces to be bathed in natural light.
  • MOL Campus will feature a skydeck at 120 meters high, which will be open to the public.

Budapest, 26 June 2019. – MOL Group has published the interior designs for its new headquarters, MOL Campus on the project’s website. The building will incorporate numerous unique solutions and will provide a state-of-the-art working environment for 2500 employees.

One and a half years after the initial announcement for the unique company headquarters to be built in Budapest, the project has reached a new milestone. Having laid down the building’s foundation stone, the company has published interior design visualizations on The building is designed in line with MOL Group’s 2030 strategy to support innovative, transparent and flexible working patterns.

We want to create a building that is not simply an office block but rather a contemporary creative center, an environment where our employees will be happy to work even some decades into the future – Péter Ratatics, MOL Hungary’s managing director said. It is clear that the needs and work habits of generations Y and X are different from those of earlier generations, and we must adapt to these changes. For a company to remain competitive, it needs innovation, which must be reflected in the work environment as well. Just the announcement that we will build the Campus is already an inspiration for MOL’s staff: we did extensive brainstorming before design of the interior spaces began.

In building the new headquarters, the company’s goal is to create the most innovative work environment in Hungary, one that will offer an attractive, inspiring and exciting place to work for young talent as well.

The interior space is created by Berlin-based interior design company KINZO* with a focus on ensuring that the work environment supports the strategic goals of the MOL Group, increases effectiveness and be tailor-made and people-oriented. Offices are designed according to the ABW (Activity-based Workplace) model, which means that each employee will be able to choose the work environment to suit their tasks and activities and will have the flexibility to move somewhere else at any time.

The tower will be made up of three-storey units called triplets. Depending on their size, the various organizational units will either occupy an entire triplet or share it with other units. Employees will be free to choose any workspace within their own triplet. Larger community workspaces will also be available, including the „Library”, designated to quiet work, the pleasant „Office Garden” with a plethora of greenery, the panoramic Skylab and other co-working areas.

In addition to bringing unique office concepts to Budapest, the MOL Campus will also be the greenest office building in the city. The huge glass surfaces will allow 90% of work to be performed by natural light. The building's electricity needs will in part supplied by photovoltaic panels, and MOL agreed to source 10% of the materials used in the internal spaces from recycled sources or local production.

At 120 m high, the 28-storey MOL Campus will be the tallest building in Budapest. It is being built not for MOL’s employees but for all the people of Budapest: the building’s skydeck will be open to the public.

Please find more information and pictures of MOL Campus at   

*KINZO has created interior designs for ambitious office buildings such as the ERSTE Campus in Vienna, the Adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach and the SoundCloud office block in Berlin. KINZO is working with Minusplus as its local partner.

The architectural designs for MOL Campus have been created by the prestigious London-based architect firm Foster + Partners. In addition to the external appearance of the building, they are also responsible for designing certain internal community spaces, in coordination with KINZO. The architects’ Hungarian partner in developing the plans for the building is FintaStúdió.

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