Green Light for Our Environment

Step by step, we strive to reach a point where our settlements have more and more beautiful green areas. The regional environmental protection program launched by the MOL Corporate Group supports an increasing number of local communities each year in order to assist them to complete their landscaping plans.

The Green Belt program is the common regional environmental protection program of MOL in cooperation with Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation, announced in 2010 for the fifth time.

The program was intended to contribute to the implementation or reconstruction of community green areas through the support of non-governmental organizations. The program is supposed to contribute as well to the common realization of local green areas by the active involvement of local inhabitants and organizations. Another important point is the planting of native trees and plants on the areas.

The program is completed in two rounds. More than 100 applications were submitted for the first round in 2010. The jury selected 60 projects who are now invited to assess the detailed plans.

Applicants selected in the first round can assist a landscape planning one-day training enabling them to improve the detailed plans for the second round. Planting can take place in the spring or fall in 2011. The total amount of grant will be HUF 14,5 million this year.

Since 2006 128 settlements have been supported in Hungary with an amount of HUF 48 million to build up or rebuild green areas and public spaces.

As part of the program, the so-called Green Belt Award is given each year to the owner of the most successfully completed project. The Szépbánya Association won the award for their project realized in 2009.


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