MOL Child Healing Programm

The Child Healing Programme was established to support foundations, associations or societies engaged in the medical treatment and rehabilitation of children suffering from chronic diseases, with disabilities or in danger. Applications can be presented once a year by NGOs providing these children artistic and experience-based therapies.

In courses of medical treatment, most cases are accompanied by some degree of physical pain. Children often face negative psychological harm when they have to undergo such conditions. In addition they may be removed from their daily and usual environments, from well-protected home atmospheres and from their little friends, all adding to their intellectual and mental discomfort. MOL supports institutions that make determined efforts to try and help these children when dealing with such objective and subjective difficulties and indeed many of them have been rather successful. In addition to children suffering from chronic diseases, disabled children can also improve their lifestyles and lead a better quality of life both for themselves and their family members. As far as mental health is concerned, therapeutic programs form part of the primary prevention process for children and young people who are most at risk.

In 2014, following the invitation to NGOs to apply for the MOL Child Healing programme, 93 applications were submitted. After a pre-selection of projects, a jury will express his opinion. Final decision will be taken by the board of the New Europe Foundation till the middle of September 2014.

In 2013, altogether 38 NGOs received in an amount of 46,3 Million HUF financial support.

As new initiatives among the supported projects, Ágacska (Branch) Foundation organizes psychodrama group for adopted children, and the Őrzők (Guardians) Charitable Foundation operating in the Children's Clinic of Tűzoltó utca.


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