MOL Talent Care Award

The successful careers of talented young sports people, artists and professionals depends on devoted teachers and coaches who are in a position to discover them and encourage their first steps to success. MOL wishes to recognise the efforts of these pedagogues through the MOL Talent Care Award. You can also help MOL to find them! Please nominate one for the MOL Talent Care Award!

Who can be nominated?

Teachers, coaches, pedagogues, mentors who:

  • teach, coach and support the development of young people from 10 to 18 years of age
  • are eminent representatives of our scientific and cultural heritage
  • focus on children in need and help and support them
  • deserve recognition for several decades of effort and for their professional and human qualities.

Nomination procedure: nominations should include the name and availability of the candidate and a brief profile with the key career milestones as well as the fundamental reasons for recognition.

Nominations are submitted as an ongoing process with the New Europe Foundation Trustees selecting winners among the candidates once a year.

The MOL Talent Care Programme award is both a financial and moral form of recognition with the amount accompanying the award being HUF 500 000 per winner.

The MOL Talent Care Award 2013 was granted to eminent experts in sports training including Attila Gyöngy wrestling coach, Miklós Keszthelyi ice-hokey trainer, Gábor Nagy basketball coach and László Suba athletics coach. Teachers included Erzsébet Fazkeas solfege, singing and music teacher, Dr. Éva Kirsch teacher of physics, Mrs.Szász, Judit Réger violine teacher and Mrs.Tölgyes, Katalin Kovács teacher of biology and chemistry.

In 2014 nominations will be received throughout the year and New Europe Foundation Trustees will decide on the award recipients at the beginning of 2015.


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