MOL Talent Support Programme, Arts and Sciences

The MOL Talent Support Program helps the professional development of talented young artists and scientists. Often the family backgrounds (school or family) of talented young people who achieve outstanding results in national and international competitions cannot provide the right conditions or equipment needed for further development, e.g. musical instruments or painting and drawing materials.

MOL Talent Support Programme's call for proposal has been published again. The Arts and Science category of this programme supports talented young artist and scientists by means of the purchase of material or travel expenses.

In 2014 the New Europe Foundation has announced the call for proposal for the tenth time. We invited to nominate talented youth or their groups aged 10 to 18 who have already proved their aptitude in national or international competitions or exhibitions, in the fields of arts, social or natural sciences and are in need of material means for their advancement.

Applications are expected until the 30th of September.

Applications can cover purchase of equipment, materials, instruments or event travel expenses. The key decision criteria will be results achieved to-date and degree of need. The final decision will be taken by the board of trustees.


Phone: (+3640) 180 280


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