MOL Talent Support Programme, Sports

The Sports category of the Programme aims to support the professional development of talented young sportsmen. Often financial resources for better training conditions, equipment, special clothing, event registration and travel, all important to the further development of young Hungarian sports people, cannot be found in their individual social environments even though they have proved themselves successful in national and international sports contests.

Young talents between 10 and 18, having already excellent results at national and international competitions but in need of material support for further development are each year invited to apply for support for buying equipment or for travelling costs.

In 2014, 113 young people aged between 10-18 received a support of 26 million HUF in all. Trustees’ decisions were guided by former results, but family and financial situation of applicants were equally considered.

MOL, through the Talent Support Class Program, continues to support their earlier applicants having turned 18 but still achieving great sports results. In 2014, 15 young sportsmen receive altogether nearly 5 million HUF in this category.

Among the supportees there are Anna Márton junior world champion in sabre fencing, Anna Sztankovics Anna swimmer, who has participated already in London OG and Richárd Rapport, the best junior Hungarian chess player.


Phone: (+3640) 180 280


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