About us

Our high quality products are available in nearly 50 countries around the world. Our partners receive wide range of services, so they can get the most from our products with our 360 degree lubricant solution.

But our biggest advantage goes beyond quality, that is, we are able to combine the high level reliability of a big manufacturer with the flexibility of a small producer. The result being a client-oriented workflow, flexible production, high quality products, reliable logistics background and a full range service portfolio.

MOL Lubricants in snapshot

1000 products,
more than
2300 packaging

Sales revenue: ~130 mn EUR/year

~20 mn EUR/year

Sales in nearly
50 countries worldwide

Leading position in Hungarian, Slovakian and Croatian markets and high potential growth internationally

More than
3,500 clients

Own lubricant R&D
production & laboratory
in Hungary and Croatia

logistic centers

Total production capacity:
130 kt

Product portfolio for all lubrication needs

Our comprehensive product portfolio meets all lubrication needs.

We offer leading-edge quality products for passenger cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial machines.

Our portfolio fully meets or exceeds the latest requirements and industry standards and is approved by the leading automotive and machine manufacturing companies.

We boast 100 industrial and nearly 200 automotive approvals and perform strict quality assurance activities, which guarantees the highest level of quality and validates the performance of our products.

more than
OEM approvals
Adblue Autochemicals Special
Additives Automotive
Industrial oils Lubricating

Our services


Lubcheck oil
and machine diagnostics
lubrication management

With our 360 degree lubricant solution we can meet even the most complex business and technical needs, so that you can get the most from our products.

Our partners receive world-class services, be it tailor made product development, on-site lubrication management, consultancy, training, or LubCheck oil and machine diagnostics.


Toll blending Private

Aside from our technical support for our partners we can also provide you with different production services such as toll blending and private label production.

One of the key players in the CEE region

We are market leader ( Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia )
MOL Lubricant production plant Sales office Logistic center

Global presence

Although our distribution focuses on the CEE region, we are also present in numerous other markets in Europe and in overseas countries as well through our extensive network of dedicated distributors.

In total MOL lubricants have a presence in nearly 50 countries around the world.

in nearly

110 years of history

110 years

The history of MOL Lubricants dates back to 1907, when the Vacuum Oil Company’s lubricants factory began production in Almásfüzitő, Hungary.

110 years’ experience, a first rate technological background and valuable expertise have together contributed to the company’s continuously growing range of lubricants and chemicals and established the basis for regional expansion.

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