MOL Hydro HME 22

Premium hydraulic oil

High quality hydraulic oil with performances substantially exceeding ISO HM requirements for hydraulic systems operating under severe conditions.


  • Mobile and industrial hydraulic systems
  • Circulation systems
  • Machine-tools
  • Industrial equipment operating at low temperatures (pumps, servo systems)
  • Hydraulic systems of earthmoving and forestry machines
Product featuresBenefits
Excellent wear protection
  • Reliable operation, even in equipment exposed to heavy loads at high pressures
  • Improved operational safety and high level of availibility
Excellent thermal and hydrolitic stability
  • Extremely low sludge formation
  • Increased oil drain interval
  • Reliable operation, so reduced operational costs
Excellent filterability
  • No deterioration of filterability, even in the presence of moisture
  • Calculably low filter usage even with 2-3 micron pore size filter cartridges
  • Reduced maintenance costs and environmental impact
Rapid air release
  • Reduced risk of cavitation
  • Outgoing air does not cause increased foaming
  • Reliable operation, giving longer equipment lifetime
Excellent corrosion protection
  • Effective protection of steel and non-ferrous metal parts even in the presence of water
Excellent water separation
  • Water is rapidly separated from the oil and can be drained from the system
  • The formation of harmful deposits and filter plugging can be avoided
  • Abnormal corrosion and wear of equipment can be prevented
  • Increased operational safety of equipment
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Data sheets

Performance levels, approvals

ISO 11158 HM
DIN 51524-2 (HLP)
General Motors LS2 LH-02-1-00
SAE MS1004 Type HM
AFNOR NF-E-48603 (HM)

Typical properties

Density at 15°C [g/cm3]0,863
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C [mm2/s]22,5
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C [mm2/s]4,35
Viscosity index100
Pour point [°C]-36
Flash point (Cleveland) [°C]200


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