Nearly 10 percent saving with the help of lubricant-related services!

Economic conditions for automotive industry suppliers are more difficult than for most machine industry companies. They must not only prove the competitiveness of their products and the cost-effectiveness of their operations, but they regularly have to prove their stability to their customers and demonstrate their ability to keep up-to-date with all kinds of technical advances as well. MOL-LUB Ltd, with its wide range of lubricants and services of leading global quality, cooperates very successfully with many automotive suppliers. One of its customers, a Hungarian company using the most advanced technology as well as the established proven ones, succeeded in saving nearly 10 percent of costs by using a new metalworking fluid and its accompanying fluid management service.

„We cannot just leave the maintenance of our competitive edge to chance. We bore this in mind when we delegated the task of maintaining and managing our fluid fills to MOL-LUB Ltd. Their Fluid Management service provides comforting stability in this area of our production processes.”

Péter Linz, Head of Enterprise Department
MOM Faktor Machinery Ltd.

This automotive supplier mostly produces special, Wabco-Westinghouse licensed vehicle parts that need outstanding expertise and the application of the latest advanced techniques.

The objective of this Komló company was to reduce metalworking fluid quantities used in its equipment. This task was delegated to MOL-LUB experts, who, after careful assessment of the equipment concerned, materials machined and technologies being applied, recommended use of MOL Emolin 120 biostable metalworking fluid. Tests then showed that with regular monitoring the quantity of metalworking fluid concentrate used can be decreased by 8-10 percent, depending on the products being manufactured, while effectively maintaining tool life and the surface quality of products manufactured. At the same time, MOL Emolin 120 provided excellent stability and washing effect and demonstrated that even up to 18-month change periods could be achieved. MOL-LUB’s fluid maintenance technology greatly contributed to these excellent results by providing high quality metalworking fluid maintenance. Since changing over to MOL Emolin 120, the company has used the Fluid Management service as well carrying out regular monitoring of fluid fills and making a proactive contribution to system cleaning and fill changes.

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MOM Faktor Machinery Ltd., Komló


Automotive Industry


CNC cutting machines with individual fluid tank and metalworking centres


MOL Emolin 120 biostable metalworking fluid

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