Oil drain cycle extended by 100%

In industrial operations even one hour’s downtime can cause very significant losses. This can be prevented by continuous supervision and expert maintenance. This aluminium product manufacturer, one of the leading companies in Hungary, has experienced a failure in their band casting equipment, which led to serious production losses and financial disadvantage. To avoid further losses MOL-LUB Ltd. suggested using a top performance industrial gear oil and applying regular oil and machine diagnostic tests.

The aluminium product manufacturer has decades of experience and supplies a wide range of aluminium semi-manufactured products. Their band casting equipment had been operating faultlessly for 8 years. Using general industrial gear oil and maintenance specified by the equipment manufacturer, the machine was operating 300 days per year producing 12 tons per day. In 2010, however, there was a breakdown. Unexpectedly, the gears were blunted and due to extreme friction and heat the gear oil was totally degraded. This failure meant 5 weeks’ downtime and EUR 35,000 in maintenance costs for the company.

To avoid further downtime and maintenance costs, MOL-LUB lubrication experts suggested optimising lubricants and using regular WearCheck Oil and Machine Diagnostics. This increasingly popular method monitors equipment deterioration so that possible breakdowns can be prevented. In addition, servicing costs are negligible compared to the costs of potential damage.

With the help of tests carried out by MOL-LUB, lubricant usage has been optimised and the lubricating system adjusted accordingly. For the restart, MOL-LUB experts suggested using top performance LE 1604 DUOLEC gear oil containing special anti-wear and EP additives, which has successfully proved itself in several industrial applications. With this type of oil, oil change periods have been increased by 100%.

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Lubrication Engineers® LE 1604 DUOLEC gear oil


The new name of our WearCheck service is LubCheck

LubCheck Oil and Machine Diagnostics



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