Oil drain interval doubled

This manufacturer offers complete solutions to electricity distributors including machinery and integrated equipment that ensure safe and reliable operations for their customers. In its production process the company uses high performance equipment which cannot be shut down without production loss and sometimes significant maintenance costs. To extend the service life of this equipment, MOL-LUB experts have developed a new ashless hydraulic fluid and recommended regular oil diagnostic tests. This has resulted in minimized wear and tear in the equipment’s’ hydraulic systems and doubled the length of oil change periods, leading to significant cost savings.

The products manufactured consist of a wide range of low and medium voltage equipment such as modular equipment, communal distributors, industrial switches, control equipment, distribution boards, assembled power distributor systems as well as other electric assembly components and accessories.

To increase the performance of hydraulic equipment used in the company’s plant, a cleaner hydraulic fluid with increased service life was needed. This had to be provided for hydraulic systems under intense thermal load without increasing technical risks. MOL-LUB experts’ answer was the development of an ashless hydraulic fluid line based on a new additive concept.

Application of the new MOL Hydro HM 46 AL ashless hydraulic fluid, with an ash producing component (zinc and calcium free), ISO-L-HM performance-level additive caused the length of oil-change periods to almost double. In addition, thanks to its higher thermal stability, the oil’s sludge-forming characteristics improved, resulting in cleaner in-process working fluid. Based on MOL-LUB experts’ experience, this product can generally be used without problems for 20,000 working hours provided particular attention is paid to regular oil checks and maintenance required by the equipment manufacturer. Based on oil diagnostics results, with expert maintenance of the equipment and the oils being used, significant improvement in hydraulic systems’ service life can be expected.

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MOL Hydro HM 46 AL ashless hydraulic fluid


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