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Nowadays, due to the high cost and harmful environmental effects of fossil fuels, there is an ever-growing demand for power generation technologies based on using environmentally considerate fuel. Biogas, produced from agricultural or municipal solid waste and used to generate electric power and thermal energy with the help of gas engines, is one of the ingenious solutions to this challenge. Although biogas-fuelled engines are similar to conventional petrol or diesel engines in terms of operation, they demand special engine oils because of their high operating temperature and the continuously changing composition of their fuels often containing aggressive components such as hydrogen sulphide. MOL-LUB experts, however, offer a perfect solution: they recommend equipment condition monitoring based on oil diagnostics and application of an engine oil specially developed for biogas engines. Users not only can achieve longer oil drain intervals due to regular maintenance and using the suitable engine oil, but they can also enjoy significant cost savings.

One of MOL-LUB’s clients, a Hungarian biogas production plant provides electric and thermal energy supply for its own industrial facilities with the help of biogas engines, and also generates power for the national power supply system. The company faced two substantial problems: gas engine oils demand different tests than regular engine oil diagnostics due to their special operating conditions, while close attention needs to be paid to any increase in engine oil viscosity. Intensive evaporation as the result of high oil temperature contributes to increasing viscosity, along with nitration and oxidation. Acidic compounds are produced as a result of the chemical reactions occurring in the engine oil, which means that the oil must also have a strong reserve alkalinity to neutralize acidic components besides its other special properties. In 2011, the company approached MOL-LUB Ltd.’s lubrication technology specialists to seek their help in meeting these challenges. Based on their suggestions, equipment condition monitoring based on oil diagnostics was introduced as well as the use of MOL GMO MA 40 gas engine oil, specially developed for biogas engines.

Series of tests proved that MOL GMO MA 40 gas engine oil met the requirements of biogas engines in every aspect and perfectly protected the equipment. Its use allowed the extension of oil change intervals for the operating Deutz TBG 616 V16, Deutz TBG 620 V12K and Deutz TCG 2020 V12 type biogas engines by 38-42%, depending on unit, which also resulted in significant cost savings and maximum operational reliability.

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