MOL Dynamic Moto Motorbike motor oils with elastic layer technology

Due to the Elastic Layer Technology special additive system our synthetic motor oils are able to adjust to any driving style and variable driving conditions including extreme conditions or performance.

As a result of their special Elastic Layer Technology components the MOL Dynamic Moto engine oils form an elastic protective layer between metallic surfaces. They can therefore adjust to the vehicle dynamics and ensure a better and more balanced performance from the motor, while providing full protection to the clutch.

Proven high performance under racing conditions

The impact of forces hitting modern motorbike oils are almost identical with those measured with race bikes, so Elastic Layer Technology additive system has been tested under racing conditions.

This test took 99 hours and the bikes covered 3,240 rounds on the race track i.e. more than 13,000 km, including more than 90,720 uses of clutch and transmission. During testing the Elastic Layer Technology additive components delivered a fantastic performance. The motor delivered maximum performance throughout examination, while the pistons remained almost fully sediment-free and the motor abrasion, including the clutch remained inconspicuous, consequently it delivered an excellent driving experience with outstanding performance.

After 13,000 km covered on the race track and 90 720 gear shifts the degree of abrasion was negligible thanks to the Elastic Layer Technology

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