MOL Hykomol Synt 75W-90

MOL Hykomol Synt 75W-90

Semi-synthetic transmission oil

High-performance, long-life transmission oil with EP additives for manual transmission gearboxes, rear axles, differential gears and steering mechanisms of commercial and passenger vehicles.


  • Differential drives of commercial vehicles
  • Manual and automatic mechanical gearboxes of commerical vehicles
  • Differential drives of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Manual gearboxes of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Fork-lift trucks, cranes
  • Hypoid gears
Product featuresBenefits
Excellent load-carrying properties
  • Forms a stable lubricating film, protects against seizure
Up-to-date additive system
  • Efficient EP performance, giving a long life for synchronizing rings
Semi-synthetic formula
  • Optimum lubrication over a wide temperature range
Excellent wear protection
  • Long gear lifetime, giving reliable operation
Low foaming tendency
  • Continuous, stable lubricating film, even at high speeds
Good thermal and oxidation stability
  • Extended service interval is achievable
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