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At our customers’ requests, we stand ready to create special tailor-made training themes and also to discuss practical problems!


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MOL-LUB Ltd. is committed to helping our partners avoid getting lost in the complex world of lubricants so it is quite logical for us to share the latest knowhow and vast experience our experts have accumulated over the years in close collaboration with our customers’ experts.


Available training courses 

We offer the following professional training courses for transport companies:

General tasks and the basic qualities of lubricants  

Exhaust gas treatment systems of commercial vehicles; requirements laid for engine oils

Diesel motor oils

  • Tasks and requirements for these tasks
  • Composition
  • Single and multi-grade, normal and low ash content engine oils
  • Low viscosity motor oils
  • Motor oil specifications and manufacturers’ approvals

Lubricants for traditional cog-wheel type drivers such as gearboxes, transmission boxes, differentials, end-drive units, etc.

  • Categories by viscosity grade
  • Categories by performance level
  • Limited-slip transmission oils

Lubricants for classical automatic drivers and engines 



  • Grease structure
  • Criteria for selecting greases

Hydraulic oils

  • Tasks and basic qualities
  • Viscosity grade of hydraulic oils as per ISO
  • Hydraulic oil types; their ISO and DIN markings

Anti-freeze fluids – coolants

  • Tasks and basic requirements
  • Composition of coolants
  • Wear and tests of coolants

Brake fluids

  • Tasks and basic qualities
  • Categorisation as per Department of Transportation (DOT)

AdBlue (DEF, Diesel Exhaust Fluid)

  • Task and operation of SCR catalysts
  • Composition, qualities and use of AdBlue

Wear of lubricants during operations; the principle of oil diagnostics

  • Lubricants wearing process
  • Benefits arising from machine status monitoring based on oil diagnostics
  • Oil laboratory tests
  • Evaluation of results


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