Fruitful decision saves EUR 564,000!

Our client is a big transportation company, operating over 1,000 vehicles which travel nearly 78 million kilometres a year. Unsurprisingly, daily breakdowns had become common, so continuous monitoring, problem identification and prevention were extremely important issues for the company. To achieve these it decided to use the WearCheck Oil and Machine Diagnostics service provided by MOL-LUB Ltd. The results justified their decision: early problem detection and speedier maintenance resulted in EUR 564,000 in materials and labour cost savings.

Nowadays, service life of the modern passenger car engine is 4-500 thousand kilometres, while in commercial vehicles, with servicing up to complete reconstruction - in optimal operating conditions – it can exceed 1 million kilometres. Significantly increased servicing intervals can now be observed, in the case of passenger cars service cycles are 20-30 thousands kilometres, in the case of heavy duty commercial vehicles in long distance operations they can reach 100-120 thousand kilometres. This decreases the possibility of in-time problem identification and results in significantly higher maintenance costs. The value of vehicle engines and gears and failure-induced maintenance costs make problem identification and forecasting even more necessary. MOL-LUB WearCheck Oil and Machinery Diagnostics service provides a solution to this problem, enabling one to monitor all the positive and negative processes inside the engine by monitoring changes in lubricant characteristics.

At our client, two of the most common problems came to light and the tests helped the company to save EUR 564,000 in direct materials and labour costs and significantly increase the service lives of its bus engines.

Detection of abnormal dust entering engines: 87 vehicles
Serious quantities of dust: 36 vehicles
Prevented engine failures through preventive maintenance: 26
Direct savings: HUF 52 million

Warning signs: 51 cases
Number of engine damage occurences avoided through preventive maintenance: 29
Direct savings: HUF 57.5 million

Detection of coolant entering engines: 97 vehicles
Serious quantities of coolant: 72 vehicles
Number of engine damage occurences avoided through preventive maintenance: 22
Direct savings: HUF 44 million

Red flags: 25 cases
Number of engine damage occurences avoided through preventive maintenance: 11
Direct savings: HUF 21.5 million

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The new name of our WearCheck service is LubCheck

LubCheck oil and machine diagnostics

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