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MÁV-START Co. operates double diesel motor-coach passenger trains, Serial No.: 6341. Since the very beginning, problems have been experienced with these motor-coach trains’ shaft drives. Downtime has been frequent due to operating failures and the need for unscheduled maintenance sessions.
MÁV-GÉPÉSZET Co., the company responsible for repair and maintenance of these motor-coach trains requested MOL-LUB Ltd. to find answers to these problems.

“As the data show, operating costs of the two oils are practically the same up to 300,000 Kms travelled. In light of these data as well as the technical, operational, lifetime and other improvements described earlier, I would definitely recommend LE 1605 DuolecTM gear oil supplied by MOL for motor-coach train Ser. No 6341 shaft drives.

László Csabai,
Chemicals and lubrication expert - MÁV-GÉPÉSZET Co.

In motor-coach trains Ser.No.: 6341, the lifetimes of shaft drives, both direct and final drives, were shorter than planned and expected. In addition, in the higher-loaded direct drives, abnormal wear on and serious damage to gear teeth were experienced, some teeth even being broken.
Transmission systems became overheated and were operating at high noise levels. Due to this overheating, big wear particles, strong vibration seal damage and oil loss became common occurrences.
According to MÁV-GÉPÉSZET engineers, the primary cause of these problems was design error. This often led to misalignment and backlash problems during maintenance. Regardless of these difficulties, MOL-LUB experts were asked to propose a lubricant that could deliver more effective gear protection and decreased frictional loss. Their help in operational testing of the lubricant proposed was also requested.

Field tests were carried out with LE 1605 DuolecTM, a gear oil with surface-modifying properties containing special additives produced by Lubrication Engineers Inc. (LE). MOL-LUB conducted comparative tests against the gear oil used formerly and the oil chosen for field testing. The tests included wear metal content measurement of the tested gear oils. The test method was based on a special microscopic examination of wear particles called ferrography.
The field test unequivocally showed the advantages of using LE 1605 DuolecTM gear oil. Wear significantly decreased, due to the surface-modifying properties of the gear oil. The gear teeth surface was evened out, smaller seizing disappeared and transmission operating temperatures and noise levels decreased.

MÁV-GÉPÉSZET engineers had made the right decision! Application of the gear oil proposed by MOL-LUB Ltd. resulted in significant improvements as proven in special tests carried out by its experts.
The field tests carried out by the two companies together resulted in longer oil change intervals – up to 300,000 kms – and practically nonexistent oil loss. Despite LE 1605 DuolecTM gear oil’s higher price, lubricant-related costs did not increase while maintenance-related costs and time consumption decreased which led to far less motor-coach train downtime.

Successful application of LE 1605 DuolecTM has opened up further opportunities for other types of the company’s motor-coach trains.

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MÁV-GÉPÉSZET Railway Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs Company


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Motor-coach train, Serial No. 6341


LE 1605 DuolecTM gear oil



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