Success at a railway company: 27% of costs saved

This company is the market leader in domestic passenger and freight transportation; transporting hundreds of thousands of passengers every day from one place to other. A significant part of passenger transportation is carried out by motor-coach trains. Tight competition between railway and road transportation causes this company to take every opportunity to reduce maintenance costs, a significant part of overall operations costs, and reduce maintenance-related downtime. By using the new MOL Dynamic MK 9 15W-40 multigrade diesel engine oil and applying continuous oil diagnostics the company has been able to cut down on the engine oil change costs of its 40 No. 6341 diesel-powered motor-coach trains by approximately 27 percent.

The special operating conditions of railway transportation are a serious challenge to engine oils. Because of this, MOL-LUB research engineers have developed a new oil especially tailored for railway engine operations. This development has resulted in a high performance engine oil with viscosity characteristics and thermal and oxidation stability especially tailored for railway operations and suitable for extended oil change intervals as well.

After operational tests continuous oil diagnostic tests were performed on the engine oil. These tests showed what kind of physical and chemical processes take place and revealed the wear and tear process inside the engines as well. After this successful experimental period, MOL-LUB experts proposed the introduction of the new MOL Dynamic MK 9 15W-40 multigrade diesel engine oil and the extension of oil change intervals from 1500 to 2100 operating hours.

With the help of the new engine oil, the extended oil change interval and the customised maintenance program, the company was able to cut oil change costs for its No. 6341 motor-coach trains, which meant significant savings annually. In 2008, as part of on-going development, MOL Dynamic MK 9 15W-40 railway diesel engine oil was replaced by MOL Dynamic Synt Diesel 10W-40 diesel engine oil. Oil diagnostic tests have proven that the cost savings described above are still occurring.

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