This is a new development from 2017 Which is including the highest alcohol level in our protfolio.

It can support turbo engines mainly in the drag and drift motorsports.

This special blended fuel includes ethanol and Omax racing fuel to achive the higest oxygen content and proper octan number level. We recommend the usage of the fuel where there is no obligation to fulfill the FIA fuel regulations.



Technical specification

Octane number 106  
Density 0,792 g/cm3 on 15 Celsius
Oxigen content 30%  

3 +1 reasons - MOL Racing Fuel

1. MOL Racing Fuel DRX ensures high octane and a high oxygen level at a favourable price for a long time in a steady supply.
2. As an added feature, you'll get Hungary's most formidable know-how in fuel development and production with your racing fuel purchase.
3. Our MOL Racing Fuel DRX product was designed with the owners of dynamically accelerating cars in mind. It is the fuel of choice at drag races.
+1. It is cheaper than any racing fuel of at least this quality, and you can get it easily and continuously.




“We were sure that MOL Racing Fuel DRX would be better in rig testing than the street-spec 100 octane gasoline, but we never thought it would boost the car to far outperform even E85.”

István Jugovits