MOL Racing Fuel Omax was developed in 2017

To achieve the maximum octane number and oxygen content dissolved in the fuel without adding any alcoholic based additives.

Omax is able to raise the performance of an atmo engine with 6-8% comparing to a premium 100 octane gasoline. We recommend the usage of the fuel where there is no obligation to fulfill the FIA fuel regulations.



Technical specification

Octane number 108  
Density 0,773 g/cm3 on 15 Celsius
Oxigen content 5%  

3 +1 reasons - MOL Racing Fuel

1. MOL Racing Fuel OMAX ensures high octane and a high oxygen level at a favourable price for a long time in a steady supply.
2. As an added feature, you'll get Hungary's most formidable know-how in fuel development and production with your racing fuel purchase.
3. Competition gasoline best aligned to running high-rev aspirated engines, which also provides appropriate lubrication and cooling while boosting performance.
+1. It is cheaper than any racing fuel of at least this quality, and you can get it easily and continuously.