MOL Racing Fuel RST was developed in 2015 under the FIA fuel regulations.

The fuel is dedicated for ultimate racing purposes.

RST is a multifunctional racing fuel for high RPM and high compression atmo and turbo charged vehicles. The RST guarantees stable and high performance for the racers. MOL Racing Fuel RST proved a significant performance difference comparing to a premium 100 octane gasoline on dyno. Our engineers achieved 5-6% plus power.



Technical specification

Octane number 101.8  
Density 0,760 g/cm3 on 15 Celsius
Oxigen content 3.60%  

3 +1 reasons - MOL Racing Fuel

1. MOL Racing Fuel RST ensures high octane and a high oxygen level at a favourable price for a long time in a steady supply.
2. First generation general purpose FIA-homologous competition fuel for the street, with outstanding performance even among extreme circumstances. In addition to superlative performance, it also guarantees high torque across rev count ranges.
3. MOL Racing Fuel RST has won two Hungarian Championship titles, and MOL Racing Fuel Hi5 debuted by bringing home a podium finish in the ERC. “The scoreboard doesn’t lie.” Dénes Kemény
+1. It is cheaper than any racing fuel of at least this quality, and you can get it easily and continuously.




“MOL Racing Fuel RST contributed greatly to winning our ORC championship title.”

Miklós Maricsek